The law firm of Dr. Nennen largely advises clients in the fields of media and business. The areas of law include copyright and media law (e.g. film law, photo law, design law, music law, art law, law of one's own image, online law, internet law, IT law, domain law, press law), intellectual property law (commercial law, including trademark and competition law, advertising law, professional law), contract law and employment law.



Comprehensive legal and strategic advice
Includes consultation on alternative courses of action, assessment of business and marketing concepts, assistance with industry 4.0 projects and AI projects.

Evaluation of company appearances and cross-media campaigns
eCommerce and company websites, image databases, portals and forums - and their promotional communication.

Drafting, reviewing and negotiating legal documents
Includes contracts and their general terms and conditions (GTC), data protection declarations, as well as, expert opinions (e.g. for submission to court).

Protection of rights
Registration, transfer and licensing of trademarks and domains, as well as, legal filings to prove copyrights (priority), non-disclosure agreements.

Extrajudicial and judicial assertion of claims
Enforcement of rights and claims, e.g. by warning notice, enforcement order, preliminary injunction, action and legal remedy - dispute entries with DENIC & Co. and collecting society (GEMA).

Extrajudicial and judicial defense of claims
Representation of interests to avert court proceedings, settlement negotiations, legal representation.

Enforcement of judgments and other titles

Delivery of texts (content) on media and business topics for portals and websites


Types of Clients Consulted

Advertising Agencies and Designers
Advertising and media agencies, graphic designers, web designers, product designer, and also fashion designers and typographers.

eCommerce shops, Internet and social media portals
Sale of goods and services via the Internet (e-commerce), evaluation platforms, social media platforms.

Web and IT service providers
Software manufacturers, programmers, hosting companies and domain specialists, IT security experts, providers of SEO/search engine optimization, online marketing agencies and data protection officers.

Companies, freelancers and owners (entrepreneurs)
Range of different industries, not only the media sector.

Film, TV and Photography companies
Film and TV production companies, video and web TV producers and broadcasters, VJs, cameramen, post-production, photographers, photo models, photo journalists, picture agencies and other right holders.

Publishers and Authors
Publishers of print and online media, also scientific publishers, copywriters, journalists and bloggers.

Artists and presenters
Actors, cabaret artists, comedians, cabaret artists, dancers, youths and social media influencers.

Music and stage, right holders
Musicians, singers, lyricists, music producers, record producers, publishers, concert agencies, stage staff.

Agents and organisers from all business sectors
Event agencies, casting agencies, artist networks and portals, managers and agents, cultural offices.

Artists and Architects
Painters, sculptors, galleries, museums and architects.

Employers, employees and employment agencies
Employers and employees across all fields and industries, including Internet job exchanges and headhunters. 

Victims of illegal activity warnings
Victims of illegal activity warnings in situations of uploads of songs, films, games or software in file-sharing networks (peer to peer networks, p2p networks).

Lawyers and consultants, as well as, internal legal departments of companies
Outsourcing of legal issues from the media and business.