In 1997, Dr. Nennen started his own law firm, where he specializes in copyright, media and commercial law. In addition to his legal practice, since 2004, he’s been a professor at the Rheinische Hochschule Köln (RH), Cologne University of Applied Sciences, where he lectures in media management. He was the Dean of the Media Management department for five years from 2004 - 2009. Dr. Nennen is also an author, and he regularly offers lectures, seminars and workshops - each also online.



1997 until today
Owner of a law firm specializing in copyright, media and commercial law.

1997 until today
Lectures, seminars and workshops on various legal-related topics from entertainment, art, media and business. Examples can be found here. Also online, e.g. as live online lectures and webinars (virtual classrooms), in workshops with group work and lively discussions also among the participants.

1997 until today
Articles on topics from the media, business and law at

2001 until today
Lecturer at the Rheinische Hochschule Köln (RH), Cologne University of Applied Sciences, since September 2004, as a professor. Subjects include: copyright law, media law, advertising law, marketing law, internet law and ethics, IT law, European law, international commercial law, international media law, civil law (e.g. BGB, German civil Code general part, debt and property law), commercial and corporate law, competition and antitrust law, contract negotiation and drafting, negotiation and presentation, rhetoric, case studies.

2004 to 2009
Besides lecturing at the RH, Dr. Nennen spent his first five years at the University as the Dean of the Media Management department.

2005 until today
Responsible for the media law, Chapter 11: Freedom of opinion and freedom of the press, press law, right to one's own image, copyright. Part of the specialist portal STOTAX First, order here, and of the jurisPartnerModul Tax Law premium, order here. Also in: Steuerberater Rechtshandbuch, Tax Consultant Legal Handbook, loose-leaf work in four volumes, STOTAX Stollfuß Media Bonn, 9th edition 2023, order here.

1995 to 1997
Legal advisor of ZYX Music GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest manufacturers of sound carriers and picture/sound carriers in Europe at the time. Among their clients were Whigfield (world hits "Sexy Eyes" and "Saturday Night", the latter with entry into the Guinness Book of Records), 2 Unlimited, the boy band Caught In The Act (CITA), Rednex ("Cotton Eye Joe") and Gigi D'Agostino ("In My Mind"). ZYX Music also had the largest catalogue of jazz and rock music rights, including Motörhead.

1992 to 1995
2nd state law examination after legal clerkship at Kleve and Duisburg.

1991 to 1993
1st state examination in law after studying law at the Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität (WWU), Westphalian Wilhelms University, Münster, doctorate with Prof. Dr. jur. Heinze (commercial law), scientific assistant with Prof. Dr. jur. Heinze (civil procedural law), scientific assistant and tutor with Prof. Dr. jur. Schmidt (civil law), Münster, private répétiteur in Münster and Osnabrück, lecturer for civil and computer law in the context of retraining at the Federal Employment Agency.